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The Crew

DocDoc Sabins

Aric is a veterinarian. Back in the mid 80’s we shared an apartment. He is the father of the Hatfish and the Strawberry connection. As of Sunday, May 20th, 2001, this Yankee Fisherman has become a resident of North Carolina. You can find him at the Roxboro Animal Hospital when he isn’t on the water.

In 2003, he bought a slice of heaven on Strawberry Lake. ┬áHis place has become our new home away from home. He keeps himself busy with two animal hospitals and doesn’t get up to Strawberry near enough. Each trip is a treasure and a vital reset button for the soul. He’s a great guy and not a bad guitarist!

Scott with the big one

Scott Norton

Scott is a nurse that works in surgery at one of the local hospitals. I met Scott at University on the day that I went to Calculus. His is the proud owner of a Lund Mr. Pike 17.

I’ve known Scott for over a quarter of a century. He’s been my neighbor for over five years. We’ve hiked about a third of Vermont’s Scenic Long Trail and meet up almost every weekend for coffee.

He has a place on Long Lake in Michigan. It’s no Strawberry and more often than not, the fishing is very tough but we’ve caught some fish there and seen some huge carp that we one day hope to catch. Scott has three nice fish mounted on his wall and I’m proud to have been there when he caught each one.

The First Hatfish

Bill Harrison

I’m a computer guy. I manage the IT department for a company here in town. I’m the only Indianapolis Colts fan among these Steelers guys. I’m also not into ice fishing like the other guys are. I play a little bit of Bass Guitar but I’m not a musician. I just mimic stuff that I hear.

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